Hello, my friends :). Welcome to my website and thanks a bunch for your visit. My name is Marcel Kuska and I am a professional landscape and architecture photographer born and living in the Czech Republic, specifically in its picturesque part where there is really no shortage of ponds, namely in Třeboň.

And it is this picturesque landscape of my homeland that is behind the beginning of my photographic career. When I found out that all the beauty around me can not only be painted, but also photographed, in a creative way, it was clear that photography absolutely won me over. I love every single aspect of it and I enjoy every moment I can be with it :). During the photo shoot, I find out again and again that time is relative, I stop perceiving it and then I'm surprised that in those five minutes spent over the image, two hours have already passed :). I've always thought that one should listen to one's heart and pursue one's dreams... and because photography has always been my big dream, that's why I switched careers in 2020 to become a professional photographer.

But at the beginning of my career, I had no idea what to do to make my photos look like the great ones on the internet. I simply followed my intuition and found that most of those fantastic images are backed by good light and composition. But it was still not enough to take my pictures to the next level, there was still something missing. Yes, you're guessing right, I'm talking about post-processing techniques that can take your image to the next level.

In order to be creative and make full use of your visions, you need to know certain post-processing techniques, and of course I didn't know them at the beginning. But everything changed when I bought my first tutorials and understood what workflow I should use to edit my own photos. Of course, these tutorials did not teach me how to see the world around me and be creative, but they allowed me to understand how to transfer my creativity to the digital world and what techniques to use. I was no longer limited in that I had an idea and then could not transfer it to a specific photo, because I just do not know the techniques to do it.

That's why I'm here to guide you and teach you techniques that will allow you to use your own creativity and help you take your photos to a whole new level. Of course, the goal is not to make your photos look the same as mine. The main goal is for you to learn advanced editing techniques and then use them in your photos in your creative way. The most magical thing about editing photos is that the result is always unique, we each have a different artistic feeling, and if we had one photo and five photographers, the result would be five different versions of the edits. And it is this artistic feeling that makes the resulting photo original and unique. So don't be afraid to be creative, because your creativity along with my post-processing workflow will help you stand out from the crowd.