architecture tutorial

In this detailed 4-hour video tutorial I edit two architecture images from start to finish to show you my workflow and advanced Photoshop techniques.

  • To make your images look professional, you need to know certain editing techniques that allow you to make the most of your vision and creativity.
  • Once you learn them, you will no longer be limited to not knowing how to transfer your visions into the digital world, giving you creative freedom.
  • The main goal is to show and teach you techniques that you will then use to edit your own photos. With your creativity and my editing workflow, your photos will get a Wow factor and stand out from the crowd.

The programs I use are Adobe Lightroom CC, Adobe Photoshop CC and DxO Nik Collection (you can also use the free version of Nik Collection from Google).

You will receive a download link in the email, immediately after purchase, where you will be able to download all files (videos and sample Photoshop files).

49 €40,50 € exc. VAT

after watching this tutorial you will be able to

  • Prepare your Raw images in Adobe Lightroom or Camera Raw
  • Clean your images from any unwanted distractions
  • Use the transform tool in a creative way to take the composition to another level
  • Use the warp tool to make additional perspective adjustments
  • Make selections so you can make local adjustments much more accurately
  • Apply advanced light painting locally to enhance the mood in a very dramatic way
  • Enhance the overall contrast to achieve a more punchy look
  • Add a local contrast to make a certain part of the image stand out
  • Enhance tonal values and colour tones in an advanced way to achieve a Wow effect
  • and much more...



49 €40,50 € exc. VAT